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My background

Following my business and hospitality career around the world, I discovered a passion in holistic healing traditions starting from 2015.

This includes Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki – that eventually led me to the path of Yoga.

Determined and devoted to learning from the source, I traveled to India for the first time in 2019, where I attended my first 100Hrs Meditation course, and then a 200Hrs YTT in Traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga at Patanjali Yoga Foundation.

The following year, I felt a re-call from Rishikesh: Between March and April 2020 I accomplished a 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Yin Yoga and another 100Hrs YTT in Traditional Kundalini Yoga through Akhanda Yoga where, due to Covid restrictions, I resided for 5 months with my teacher where I continued deepening my sadhana, and learning many different ancient techniques, especially focused on the science of breath – Pranayama –

Since that long and profound experience, I’ve been devoting my life to teach, to travel to learn, and  to study the ancient practices and methods of self-discovery through Asana, Breathwork, and Meditation with the support and the strong call and integration from Astrology & Plant Medicine knowledge.

Between 2022 and beginning of 2023, I expanded my studies through different Meditation courses around India, and finally I achieved the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga.

In support on my healing practices, I also have a certification in Sound Healing through The Sacred Science of Sound, Los Angeles: A unique system that combines Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™️, Science and Spiritual healing.

I teach regular yoga classes in Italy and around the world, and I’ve been leading private and group sessions as well as healing retreats since 2020.

An Astrological Reading of My Soul Print

Written by Martina Varini. A beloved friend as well as an incredible being with a huge background and passion for astrology

“His soul came here with the prevalence of Neptunian and Plutonian energies”

The Conjunction between the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius

This gives him the Discipline and the Will to become a Master in elevating others from their limited vision of the World.

Pluto conjunct Venus in Scorpio in the 9th house

He Carries within his Heart the Power of Rebirth, and the Knowledge of all the Cultures.

Mars and Jupiter in Pisces

Healing Energy Flows Through his Vessels as Well as the Will of Supporting Spiritual Causes.

The Rising and the Moon in Aquarius

Capturing the Information of the New Era with his Antenna, makes his Vision go Further. Being an Innovator and the Creator of New Realities for the Collective’s Good by Bringing Back to Life the Ancient Knowledge 𓂀

“Until you change within, how can you be surprised of the consequences manifested from a completely unaware lifestyle?

Same patterns lead to the same results, but if you understand and you start changing the root, the core of your habits and suffering, you will stop running on the hamster wheel and you will stop blaming god/universe of bad luck because, finally, you will see that everything is just your pure reflection”